Novel anti-cancer mRNA therapeutics targeting solid tumours

In March 2023 the Company announced the successful development of a new novel platform of anti-cancer mRNA therapeutics.

Following the Company's initial success with oligonucleotide therapeutics reported during 2022, the Roquefort Therapeutics drug discovery team, led by Vice President of Drug Discovery, Professor Graham Robertson, has developed a pioneering mRNA anti-cancer program. This new platform of mRNA therapeutics was developed internally and consists of four mRNA pre-clinical therapeutics targeting Roquefort Therapeutics' novel MDK target.

mRNA is a cutting-edge anti-cancer approach pioneered by leading biotech companies Moderna and BioNTech. Importantly, this is the first mRNA targeting Roquefort Therapeutics' novel MDK target and has been developed in-house within the Company's existing budget and schedule.

The significance of the mRNA program is twofold: (1) it highlights Roquefort Therapeutics' internal R&D capacity to develop cutting edge pre-clinical cancer medicines within the Company's strategy and which complements the Company's ability to select and acquire external programs; and (2) anti-cancer mRNA is a highly commercially attractive field. Through developing its own mRNA platform, Roquefort Therapeutics significantly increases its profile and highlights its position within the one of the most attractive niches in the biotech field for licensing and M&A.

Developing the mRNA anti-cancer program is highly synergistic with the Company's existing oligonucleotide MDK program in development at the University of New South Wales, ensuring development continues to remain on budget and on schedule. The addition of the mRNA family expands Roquefort Therapeutics' portfolio to five highly innovative programs which remain fully funded to the critical value inflection point of clinical trial readiness.

The Company is now working towards demonstrating efficacy of the mRNA therapeutics in specific cancer targets, alongside the Company's existing oligonucleotide MDK program.